Tuesday, March 31, 2015


As they say, variety is the spice of life.  After  having a day off yesterday (only because it's my day off so she gets turned out), River did a little of this and a little of that today.  One of the first things she did was to meet more kids - I swear she LOVES kids!  Elaine Von Engeln brought her three boys out to the ranch for a visit, and River was immediately drawn to them.  Aiden offered her a small oak branch to  eat, and she was happy to take if from him - very gently, at that.


River was totally intrigued by the little one - she seemed to love the smell of him.  She was so very gentle and dear around the kids.

River and I worked on her wash rack etiquette, especially on her hind legs, and from the right side.  She was great - she wanted to see what I was doing, and help me, but she didn't try to get away any more than any other horse who doesn't really enjoy getting hosed off.

To keep from getting her stressed today, I chose to do some lunging to the right in the stall and in her paddock.  I like to ask her to lower her head now and then to help her to relax - she's getting better and better at that exercise.  She was so much better today to the right - bathing, lunging, walking - we're trying to do most everything we can on that side so it will become more and more comfortable to her.  Oh, her neighbor Vern was a big help as well.

As always, River gets lots of rewards - and no, I'm not crying, I'm getting horsehair out of my mouth and nose from kissing Her Highness. 

One of River's new favorite rewards is to get a "titty" scratch!  She sure is singing a different tune from the horse who came here and said, "Don't touch me there" to so many places on her body.

Some more loving, and it's time for me to go work other horses.  As usual, River wants to follow us.........don't worry, we'll be back, River!  Each day will hold more adventures and variety - we certainly don't get bored around BFF!

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  1. Seems like good progress from the lesson the day before!