Friday, March 20, 2015

Biopsy results

Today we held our annual spring dental and vaccination clinic here at Blue Fountain Farm (henceforth known as BFF), so it was a busy day.  We had well over 20 horses who needed their annual vaccinations and also needed to be checked for dental needs.  When River was "out" for her surgery last week, Dr Mike checked her teeth, and she has quite a "ramp" in her molars.  This means that before we put a bit in her mouth, she will be getting her teeth taken care of.  For today, though, she stood at her "post" to take in all the sights, sounds and smells of all the activity surrounding the dentals and vaccinations.  Both Drs. Mike McRae and Dan Hagerty were very busy, and it was good for River to watch. 


Today we also got the results of the biopsy on the growth that was removed a week ago from River's belly.  While it's not the best result we could have hoped for, it's not all bad.

The growth that was excised last week is indeed, a sarcoid tumor.  A sarcoid tumor does not metastasize, so it is manageable.  The report showed that, due to Dr McRae's good work, all the margins were removed, which means that the whole tumor was removed.  These sarcoids can re-occur, but if it should start to re-occur on River, (which would be a long way down the road) there are a couple of options to keep it from coming back that don't include surgery.  She still has a long and useful life ahead of her.  

River also got the green light to do a little light work, so when we were done with the vet clinic, I took her down to the round pen for a little trot.  Most horses who have been cooped up for a week and unable to kick up their heels can go ballistic when turned out for the first time.  Not River.  I don't know if it's because of the time she spent being in a pen day after day (while she recovered from starvation and who knows what other things that I don't want to think about that may have happened to her before and at the feedlot in Fallon), but she stays so mellow.  I sat on the mounting block after I turned her loose, and all she wanted to do was stay next to me.  After I shushed her away, she looked like she was going to have a roll in the sand, then she got an excited look on  her face and trotted a grand total of one time around the arena before she came back in to me.  Then Lauren came down to the arena, and River went over to her and presented her rump for "butt scratches" (which, of course, Lauren was  happy to provide).

It is so exciting for me to think of the life that River has in front of her - new adventures, new people, and finally that special someone.  We love having her here, and love sharing her with all of you.  


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  1. It is so amazing of all the work you do with your horses, and with so much love! They are all so beautiful and sweet! You all are truly amazing!