Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Innocence and joy

I had an entirely different post in mind for tonight - more about River progressing with her saddle training - and we will get to that tomorrow.  However, I couldn't resist sharing with you the innocence and joy of children and animals.  River never ceases to amaze me with her ability to love, with her ability to reach out to others like others have reached out to her, and with her ability to be totally in the moment (in spite of all that happened in her past).

About 22  years ago, I had as a student a young girl named Chelsea, who was only 2 1/2 years old when she took her first lesson.  I always told parents that if their child was not afraid once they were on the horse, and if  they  had any sort of attention span, I would let them start no matter how young they were. Chelsea rode and jumped with us here at BFF well into her teens, and now she as her own little girl - Alyx.  Alyx will be 2 in July.  Alyx's grandma brought her out to the ranch today, and I wanted her to meet River.

You know that feeling when you just know it's going to be OK?  I knew that River would love little Alyx, and that we didn't need to worry about how they would get along.  The wonder and curiosity of a small, young child, and the openness and trust of a many, many times larger animal is heartwarming to say the least. How could someone have thrown this oh-so-special mare away, knowing that she would  meet a horrible death?  It makes me so angry.  Look at the softness in River's eye........ look at how she lowers her head down to Alyx's level and lets her explore and enjoy the soft muzzle and feel the calm demeanor of her new friend.

This mare is amazing.  Period.  I still can not believe that  she has come into our lives here at BFF - she brightens my days with her never-ending willingness to trust us and to become a part of our herd.  Today, with peaceful and quiet acceptance, River invited little Alyx to be a part of our herd as well.   

You've gotta love them................ 

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  1. I love hearing about River's journey, but this is the best story yet. Thank you.