Monday, March 2, 2015

We Did It!

We got her front feet trimmed!  Like everything else here at BFF, it was a team effort  - helpers and observers alike.  River was a doll, and I'm sure she's going to be so much happier now!

Many thanks go out to Steve Morrill, and also to Jim Groesbeck, who was actually here to give us a little mini riding clinic, and jumped right in to help with River.  The guys decided to use the two man method - one holds the hoof while the other uses the nippers to trim it.

River was so cute about the whole thing - curious and patient. 

 with a final rasping, she was done for the day!

River got her reward from Steve after being a very, very good girl!

So, here are two views of the before pictures................

And, now the after!  It's going to take many more trims to get her hooves straightened out, but she's got to feel so much better now!

After her trim, she enjoyed wandering around in the arena, getting a feel for her "new" feet!  Now, I feel good about starting to work her in the round pen, because the condition her hooves were in before, it would have been a lot of strain on her tendons to put her through her paces towards being saddled and ridden.  Onward and upward!