Thursday, March 5, 2015


I think a horse's idea of heaven is a relaxing morning in a beautiful, peaceful, green pasture - and I truly wonder when the last time was (if ever) that River got to do that.   Well, today was the day, and she really enjoyed herself.  Becca (my sister and chief  barn manager) and I enjoyed some "down" time early this morning just watching River figure out what to do with all that room and all that grass!

At first she just kind of moseyed around, which seems to be her M.O. - she doesn't get overly excited about much of anything.   

Then she started to realize that she could, indeed, stretch her legs on the grass as well as eat it!

River loves to check in with me (I seem to be becoming her security blanket).  How could you resist this cutie trotting up to you all the time, taking a look around at her new surroundings, then sprinting off  again.

River was interested in the ladies next door,  particularly a very cute Connemara mare named, "Ellie".  Ellie is always the peacemaker in her little herd of 4 mares, so I thought I'd invite her in to play with River, since I just know that River is not a mare who will kick or bite unless really provoked - she's just too sweet and accomodating.

Everything went well for awhile - they  had a lot of fun running around together, and River seemed to feel comfortable with Ellie............

Then River made a faux pas - she inadvertently got between Ellie and her mares - even though they were on the other side of the fence ..............oops!  Ellie decided she had to teach River a little lesson about who goes where.................

It looks way worse than it really was - River only got slobbered on, but she came running to mommy with a worried look on her face - poor thing!

Her worry didn't last very long, though, and off she went again.

She worked up quite a thirst, but was a little worried about the old water trough.........

It didn't take her long to quench that thirst with lots of cool, clean water.

Then she walked up to me, we posed for a little portrait, and she spent a few hours relaxing and enjoying herself.  Ahhhhhh life is tough!

River had many more adventures today, but this is enough for now.  Here's a little peek at what else she did today.............

By the way - do you know that you can click on each image and bring it up to full size if you want to........just sayin'!


  1. Keep the pictures coming Lesley. I am so loving River's progress.

  2. I so enjoy your post and pictures. Watching River's progress is amazing. Thank you!

  3. Thank You for sharing Rivers remarkable journey with us!!!! It's a heart warming story!