Thursday, April 2, 2015

Stitches out and "Getting to Know You"

I've been a little under the weather the last couple of days, so River hasn't been doing much as far as lessons - there's plenty of time for that, there's no rush.  However, yesterday we were able to get her stitches out, and she really couldn't have cared less.  No surprise there!  Pat Holtan is a small animal vet, and used to working with stitches, so she did the work, and I did the "scritching".  As you can see by my hand, River is still shedding buckets of hair.

River has a new friend!  Jessi and I brought a new filly to the barn a couple of days ago, a very cute quarter horse named "Charlotte", and she and River are getting to know each other.  We want to turn them out together in pasture eventually.  We seem to have a theme of dun colored horses going here lately, don't we!  River and Charlotte  have been turned out together three times now in the arena, and are going through the equine motions of figuring out who each other is.  No squealing, no kicking, just a few pinned ears and tentative sniffs.  It's cute, though, they kind of mutually ignore each other, but they don't really go to far apart from each other either.  Enjoy these images of their process of finding out what the other one is all about, and of just plain having fun. 

A couple of the boys in the front pasture wanting to know what all the commotion is about.

This obnoxious and silly wood pecker kept trying to peck the arena light - doesn't he know that won't work?

Striped butts.

River is still my special girl.

Remember you can click on each image to see a full size version.

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