Friday, April 3, 2015

Body Work

The last two days have been busy for River because she had a lot of "Body Work" done - she got a dental, and she got a good "rubbing"!   First, the dental.

Dr Mike McRae of Sierra Equine performed River's dental work today - she needed some work done to get her mouth ready for the bit.  She was an exemplary patient the whole time - I didn't expect anything else from her.  She accepted the needle with the sedation without complaint, she let all the work be done by Dr Mike and Lori Gould, then walked dunkenly, (with her lips hanging down) back to her house.  River is now ready to wear her bridle as well as her hackamore when we get to that point.  

Oh, and Dory helped a lot.  She got hot and needed to cool herself off in the water tub.   No one has told her she really doesn't fit in there any more!

River also had a visit from Diane Pingrey, who knew River when she was at Safe Haven.  Diane drives from the Sacramento area up to Cottonwood every Saturday (as a volunteer) and devotes her time to rubbing on the horses.   I can tell you from watching her with River yesterday that they LOVE IT!  She has a great touch with the horses, from a light, feathery touch, to a "let's get in to those muscles", body leaning rub.  You can see from River's face that she was in ecstasy from Diane's ministrations.  

Even Charlotte reaped the benefits of Diane's visit, and loved it just as much as River did.

I'm sure River was grateful to see her old friend again, and get such loving and wonderful attention from her.  River and I both thank you, Diane.

This weekend is Safe Haven's "Whinny and Roses" fundraiser, which Dean and I will be going to, so I won't be back for a couple of days to do another post.  I'm really looking forward to meeting as many people as I can who knew River when she was at Safe Haven, so I can find out more of what has happened in her life before Blue Fountain Farm.  So many people have done so many selfless things to help the horses in this world, and I look forward to meeting just a few of them.  I'll be reporting on this event when I return.  Until then, Happy Easter!  

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  1. Love to watch their reactions to bodywork. My horses love it.