Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Trailer

True to her normal form, River aced Trailer Training 101 yesterday!!  My gut knew that she would be fine, (she so trusts us now), but I wanted to be ready just in case she had any second thoughts.   We have a natural alleyway off one side of the barn (where we can back the trailer to) that I have used in the past for young or difficult horses, so I elected to set this area up for River's first attempt at loading into the trailer since arriving here in February.  She also has a liking for somewhat tight spaces - it comforts her - so this was on my mind as well.  When she was at Safe Haven Horse Rescue they were able to get a halter on her by squeezing her between some panels, and when we were teaching her to let us work with her hooves, she liked it if we put her against a wall rather than being out in the open.

River followed me down the alley and towards the trailer without a worry - and I kept a soft lead line on her as she saw the trailer so she wouldn't worry.

She took a little look left.......

....then she took a little look right..........


Can you tell I'm happy?  River got grain and carrots as a reward.

She calmly walked out...........

.... and got more rewards - lots of loving!

To make sure it wasn't a fluke, we walked out the aisle, turned around, and came back.  Same thing - she just walked in!

And stayed calm on the way out again.

Camo thought it was all very boring.

That was it for her session - I couldn't have been happier with how things went.  If you remember, when Jessi and I picked River up in February, it took us over 2 hours to get her in the trailer.  I couldn't blame her at the time - she didn't know us at all, she was barely able to lead (especially with people she didn't want to follow), and she was easily overwhelmed.   This is the River we know and love - the willing, trusting mare.  Now I feel good about her impending trip to Chico soon - she will be fine!


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