Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Settling In

River enjoying her freedom!

Our girl is settling in and appears to be very happy - yeah!  Yesterday River was sooooo tired from her exploits of the day before - the adrenaline rush of getting in the trailer, the almost 3 hours of travel, and then being plopped into new surroundings  - yet again.  Look below at how tired she was, but she still tried her best  to fit in to her new home and her new people.  All yesterday she either had a regular lead rope, or a short one for when she was loose, because she still wasn't ready for us to catch her without that.  Here she's showing Jessi that she can walk up to  her and get a rewarding stroke on her face........ 

.............and below, she's even feeling comfortable enough to pose for a photo with Jessi.

At the end of the day, she settled in to her stall and got a good, long grooming - she was a very  happy girl.

...................and the hair was definitely flying!!

Anyone who knows me knows I have a thing for horse noses and whiskers.......

We were able to switch out the nylon halter for a leather one, which we both had wondered at the beginning of the day if we would be able to do, since she was still kind of skittish.  I think between being tired, and actually starting to trust us, it was not a big thing to her after all.

River even started to "beg" for goodies, and became more interested in and aware of her new surroundings, another sign of settling in to her new digs. 

As evening of her second day  here started to fall, she  settled in to  her stall, snug as a bug with her hay and her soft shavings.

Day Three

Today, since we are still letting River become accustomed to us and to her new surroundings before we start to work with her, she got another day of R and R.  We are in no hurry to bring her along - this isn't a 100 day Mustang Challenge - we want her to  relax, let down and learn that she can trust us - we will not do anything to uproot the trust we hope grows in her towards us as she comes to know us.   Already in just 3 days, we can keep the lead rope off of her, and catch her with no problem, even in the big outdoor arena.  Above, she is scanning the front pasture and it's inhabitants in an image that was taken early this morning.


Her stable mate, "Vern", was in the round pen, so they said "Hi" over the railings.  Vern is quite the Romeo, and loves River already.

River followed me around the arena, looking for love........and, of course, carrots..........which I was happy to give to her.

Then it was my turn to pose for a little picture with River.

Now, you tell me if you think River enjoyed her morning out in the arena, with the cool air, and the feelings of freedom and peace starting to seep in to her bones..................

The girl can move, and she is a beautiful mover, at that.  I could just feel her exhilaration and joy as she raced and strutted around the arena, snorting and blowing......... leaping, bucking, spinning and in general being the horse that she should be!

River is already making her way in to our hearts - neither Jessi nor I want to leave her at the end of the day.  She's got a long road ahead of her, but with everyone's help and love, she has already come so far from the poor, starving horse that was left in the kill pens to face a horrible end to her short life.

So, we leave you until another day.  Pip (on the left) who is Jessi's dog, and Dory (my  big helper around the barn), are already big supporters of Rivers', and will be with her every step of the way. 


  1. It brings tears to my eyes to see her so happy! I have loved her since I first saw her.
    I look forward to following her journey with you!❤️

  2. Wonderful photos, so happy for River!

  3. Omg Lesley! This makes me cry happy tears. Someone is most definitely looking down on you from the heavens for helping this sweet girl. I would love to come and visit. Please ??? Thank you for all you do!

  4. Omg Lesley! I am without words. Made me cry to see our River's progress in such a short time. I want to visit....can I, can I?

  5. Wow! what a difference only a few days makes. It is truly amazing!!

  6. your family is BEAUTIFUL thank you for sharing your JOY! thank you for sparing AND sharing River .. what a beautiful girl LOVE wins!

  7. Looking forward to meeting her!

  8. So happy to see her happy and feeling good!

  9. can't wait to see the next adventure River will have

  10. From the first time I saw River at Safe Haven, I was sure there was a hidden gem underneath all that matted hair! Thanks to all the good people at Safe Haven, River has now found her special people with the knowledge and skills to work with her and help her to blossom even further. Thank you so much for the beautiful updates with photos!